Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Simply Observations

Ferguson: I'm sitting and lounging three thousand miles away, viewing the minute-by-minute video clips of action in town, and observing the character/charm of the Ferguson mess.  Based on comments around the decision....it's safe to say that the kid (Brown) probably wasn't in full control of himself that day, did something pretty stupid, and is six feet under the ground because of his inability to grasp the situation.  The burning of the town?  Tomorrow....the sun will rise, and owners will assess what to do with their insurance money....which I believe....most will retreat and leave the area....to restart somewhere else.  The burnt buildings will stay, and reinforce the character/charm of Ferguson upon all who pass through it.  In effect, the Grand Jury episode doesn't really end this....it just moves it along to another stage.

Secretary of Defense Hagel:  The remaining issue I see.....who the heck would replace the guy?  Two years left on this administration.....various hot-topic issues remaining.....a difficult White House staff (beyond the President).....and a new Senate in January.  The four-star possibilities?  None, zero.  Someone suggested a Democratic Senator from Rhode Island, but he says he has no interest.  So, it'll be a group of three-star possibilities and someone without any issues for Republicans to quiz in January.  As for Hagel?  I think he'll end up writing a book in 2015, and publish by spring of 2016.....talking about the White House staff as being more of a stumbling block than the President himself.

Bama Beer:  Alabama Biz Journal did a fine article over beer production in Bama.  With rules finally relaxed.....small-time brewing is now fine with the locals and progressing each year.  Birmingham is actually getting one positive comment (against a hundred negative ones).....with small-craft type operations now showing some sustainability and profits.  What the state needs....is one big brew competition and proclaim the King of beer for Bama.