Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The Fart Pill

There's a French guy who claims he has a pill which will create a different smell for farts. Yep, he says they work.

Scents so far?  Seaweed, blueberry, charcoal, and plant resin.

Naturally, I'm from Bama, and I have doubts.....but it opens the door for number of variations on scent.

Imagine being out in some hunting 'blind' with a close associate on a cold November day in Bama....and you have issues.  Wouldn't a nice pine-smell be pleasing?  Or perhaps a vanilla-scent?

Maybe you were dating some hot gal from Montgomery and had some Mexican food for lunch.....wouldn't you rather have a pleasing watermelon scent in the air?

This guy says the pills are priced at a decent level....roughly twelve bucks for sixty.

Alternate History: 24 November 2014

This is alternate history.

The jury finally returned a guilty verdict late this afternoon on the young gentleman Michael Brown, with the charge of shooting and murdering policeman Darren Wilson.

The judge noted after the guilty verdict was rendered that a court would meet after Thanksgiving to determine whether he would receive the death sentence or life in prison. Previous shooters in Missouri of policemen have all received the death sentence, and CNN analysts were doubtful if he could avoid the same path.

Various witnesses came forward during the trial and established the fact that.....yes, there was a brief encounter on the roof after the policeman Wilson asked the two gentleman walking the middle of the road to move to the side of the road.  Most witnesses were in agreement (the one gentleman accompanying Brown was not)....that the confrontation went from zero to turbo in a matter of one minute.

No one has yet been able to explain why Brown charged Wilson in the police-car, and what motive was at work here.  Brown, based on his lawyer's advice, refused to comment or take the oath to defend himself.

Family members of Brown came to his defense and noted that he was a troubled young man from a rough neighborhood, and he might have been under the influence of narcotics or drugs.  No test had been rendered up on Brown, and thus this was not factual at the time.  At one point, with a witness to Brown's activities that morning....he alluded to the fact that Brown had smoked some marijuana and it might have clouded his ability to rationalize or grasp reality.

Brown's mother and father also took the stand, saying this was not the normal character of their son, and the rough side of the local area had possessed young Brown's life.

On the other side of the coin, the prosecution provided more than enough proof that Brown had taken the gun from the policeman, and fired three shots into him.  Death occurred within sixty seconds of the last shot.

The news media has been mostly local, with only one CNN correspondent covering the court episode from the national news.

As the CNN correspondent put it.....Brown was living life on the edge and if it hadn't been Brown, it would have been someone else down the road.

The Tenth Supreme Court Judge

In the summer of 1787, a bunch of guys sat around and were arguing....mostly without beer or alcohol.  I know, that part is fairly surprising.

They discussed and argued over things for hours.  A point would be brought up, then it'd be discussed to the ninth degree, and on some occasions.....folks would stand there and come to some mutually accepted decision.

It was a room with lots of static least in terms of excitement and brilliance.  There were fantastic and creative things done in this room.

At some point, it was decided that there would be three institutions to counter-balance each other.  So, the Supreme Court was born.  The original make-up of the Court was six Chief and five judges.  To mandate needed four votes.

In 1807, because of additional territory added to the was decided to expand out to seven judges.  In 1837, they added two more positions....bringing the 'team' up to nine judges.....because of national expansion.  In 1863, they added another position.....going to ten.  But by 1865, they'd decided that ten were too much, and reverted back to nine.

At some point in the early stages of the FDR era, the pressure was upon the conservative court (it was rather packed from the appointments of the 1920s)....that FDR was considering adding more positions (he had the vote in both the House and Senate).....and would just put enough judges on the court to ensure his decisions were continually put down (several of the first top ten programs of the FDR era failed the Supreme Court test and were rescinded).  The judges on the court made the decision to force themselves to allow various FDR programs to ride on.....and not throwing them out.

Over the past week, since the President utilized the executive order....I've come to visualize him now as "the tenth Supreme Court judge".

This executive order business is basically the way that a judge would deal with things he doesn't like.  In this case....the President can't repack the Supreme Court, using FDR's threat.  The news media control of year's past?  That's gone.....a guy can reach a mass of a hundred million Americans in a matter of hours, bypassing the standard control methods that a President would enjoy.

The tenth judge?  Unless the nine guys come out and state that they are the only judges at that level.....that's about the only general way that this game comes to an end.  The sad thing is that no one in the big room of 1789 ever sat there and thought about the extent of executive orders and how it might go.  You needed some abilities to lead the country, and they didn't want to handicap the guy.  It probably made sense not to list out what you could or could not executive order.

We are where we are today.....simply because people limited their scope of vision in 1789, and tried to be logical.  And in today's world.....we revolve around the illogical.