Monday, 1 December 2014

The Phantom Army

The quick nature in Iraq of ISIS suddenly moving south and taking over a big chunk of Iraq.....has been largely unexplained in the news media circles.  Everyone basically gave a free ticket to ISIS and just said they had superior capabilities, and left it at that.

This week, it's come out that an investigative arm of Iraq has been looking at one single in uniform.....Iraqi Army troops.

They've reached this conclusion....they think 50,000 troops that are on the payroll.....getting $600 a month as pay.....are non-existent.

Yeah, it's a bit hard to believe.

If you sit down and examine the pay, the training, the uniforms, the barracks, and various aspects of the military pay'd need roughly $350 million to cover everything.  But what they say is that various officers were in the middle of this scheme....pretending they had some many troops under them.....but were just skimming off the top.  An extra ten troops here ($6,000 a month) extra forty troops there ($24,000).....and you got yourself a decent house, a new Mercedes, and a good lifestyle.

The hope'd never have to go into battle without your forty men.  You can imagine this phantom unit in existence.....on the books with 400 troops.  But as you walked around the barracks and just never saw more than 200 troops.  No one said much.....and why would you worry?  Unless of course, ISIS came knocking.

The thing that bothers me is that the US was also paying out training funds, and they likely used the same books.  So when the Pentagon said they'd trained the whole 114th Brigade of 400 men.....the odds are that they only trained half that many, and still paid a full rate for the other 200 non-existent men.  The bullets and weapons handed out?  Hard to say.  Maybe they still exist but I doubt it.

The logic on how ISIS moved so fast across Iraq?  Well.....they just weren't that good.  They met Iraqi military units that were undermanned and unable to sustain a decent defense.  Nothing more than that.

Will anyone go to jail?  I doubt it.  Should they pay the money back?  Well, it'd be the right thing to do but the money is already spent.

Years and decades from now.....history will be written over the vast offensive that the ISIS folks mounted in Iraq in 2013.  The whole story will be centered around a non-existent Iraqi army.  And the public will simply not believe that such a thing could happen.  

The Two-Americas Essay

The New York Times wrote up a piece entitled "When Whites Just Don't Get It".....which is mostly about something they refer to as 'white privilege' and two Americas.  Their emphasis is that we just don't recognize this dilemma and fix/solve it.  They even suggest some 9/11 or Warren-type commission that would highlight the problem.

I suspect a number of journalists are pepped up on caffeine and dreaming of that one short week they spent in Amsterdam where everyone seems to live in peace and harmony.

So, here's the blunt truth.  Go to South Africa and just tour around the include the various suburbs, and take note of the security compounds, armed guards at malls, and methods of confrontation that cops tend to have there.  Then go to Rio and tour their note the various secure neighborhoods, armed private security, and gangs at work.  It's the same thing at work in the US.

Take four Senators out in some car....around 10PM....into DC's southeast side of town.  It's a brief ride from the Senate building to the bridge separating Anacosta from the federal portion of DC....maybe three minutes.  After you cross the river, you need to prepare yourself.  You could take a federal interstate and skip Anacosta, but in this case.....we want the four Senators to see the real side of DC.  So, they ride through some pretty rough neighborhoods.  You don't want to stop, or you might be robbed right there on the street.  In the 1990s......four hundred folks were killed per year on the streets of DC, an area of six by six miles.  On any given night, you can figure that thirty percent of the population is doped up on something.

Make the rounds of Memphis, Birmingham, St Louis, Chicago, Cleveland, Dayton, Atlanta, New Orleans, and Richmond.

Two years ago, my work associate who lived in Richmond described to me an event that'd occurred over the weekend.  Some young gal from his church had gotten all dressed up for dancing at some local club.  She bumped some doped-up gal, who took offense to this.  Some confrontation escalates. The other gal was an older gal and doped-up.  At some point, the physical stuff results in the wig flying off the older gal, and she goes nuts.  She kills the younger gal with a knife.  Cops come.  Older gal goes off.  Never knew the court stuff to the story, but you can figure she'll do life in prison....over some drug-induced lifestyle which is 'hip' stuff in Richmond.

Across the US, you see the same deal in various urban areas.  There's hardly a single US city of 100,000 people that doesn't have a danger zone or neighborhood where you just don't travel at night.

Fixing this?  The drug culture has taken over.  Attached to is the thug culture, the welfare check culture, the free federal money culture, the manipulation by politics culture, and the waiting-for-something-to-happen culture.

Minority folks who do escape?  There's basically two methods.  First, you get an education and find real work, and untie yourself from the old neighborhood....thus moving on.  Second, you join the military and find yourself challenged to accept change.  A handful of folks might get religion and get to a new level of life.  Beyond that....nothing happens.

The mere suggestion of some federal commission coming to some solution, with twenty-five points is ridiculous.  It'd all involve massive funding....probably to the tune of three-hundred billion dollars.  Just flush the money out and watch everyone get their program, with some middle-men acting as community organizers and talking about some upcoming change....just spend the money over five years and everyone standing there to ask when "change" was going to come.  Yeah, it's kinda like the President's theme from six years ago.....that "change" business was something that folks could latch onto.  If you wait long enough......"change" will finally come.'s the sad thing.  "Change" can't be bought, publicly funded by the taxpayer, or written into some report by a white-skinned PhD character from Harvard.  "Change" cannot be defined in some thirteen-thousand page document, or some sixty-minute CBS special, or by history revisionists of Time/Newsweek's staff.  "Change" can't be solved by fancy speeches, political theatrics, or tax-free foundations who seem to talk out of both sides of their mouth.

The two Americas theme?  It's here to stay. When you get to Birmingham's outer ring, don't stop or pull off the interstate until you get to the next county.  When you drive into Detroit, stay on the interstate until you've gotten into the rural areas.  When you get to Atlanta.....just stay on the interstate and exit only when you clear the city urban zone.  Every major urban area in America is concreted down into some zone that you'd best avoid.

And here's the cherry on this cake.  Latino minority numbers are increasing.  Within a decade, Latinos will be the real minority of America. Two Americas?  Just try to imagine three Americas.  The coming New York Times article in a decade?  "Whites and blacks just don't get it".....detailing how Latinos are now part of the mess that needs to be solved.