Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The 'Straight' Daryl

I'm an enthusiast of AMC's Walking Dead (the zombie TV show).  Toward the end of their first season.....I caught an episode and became kinda interested in the scripting to the show.  So I went back....caught the whole season, and generally regard it as a well written science fiction piece.  I's pretty hokey, but it tends to lay out a creative scenario.

For a number of weeks, there's been this by the producers that their key character....Daryl.....the loner....might be portrayed in future episodes as possibly gay.  I don't know where the idea came from, or why it really mattered.  There's not much sex stuff ever portrayed on Walking Dead, and you tend to worry about ninety-nine other higher priorities (food, fuel, safety, zombie attacks, evil governor characters, ample supply of bullets, clean water, home-cooked food, a safe place, etc).

Yesterday, I noticed in the news that the producers came out and basically said that Daryl was one-hundred percent straight, and that a new character would be brought on within a couple of episodes.....who would be absolutely gay.  Rhyme or reason?  None given.

Frankly, if we came down to some zombie period in real life.....your life style or personal desires would rate pretty far near the bottom, and it's hard for me to envision the necessity of doing something like this.....except to get another segment of the audience all thrilled by individual episodes.  Will one gay Walking Dead character bump into another gay Walking Dead character?  Will some bondage freak appear in future Walking Dead episodes?  Will Texas cross-dresser appear in an episode or two?  Will some Bill Crosby-type character appear in an episode and pass some spiked mixed drink over to some survivor gal?

TV back in the 1980s was pretty simple and uncomplicated.  Any idiot could have written a Magnum P.I. episode in about an hour, with some mysterious gal in need of help, and some fist-fight toward the end....would result in Magnum solving a third-rate mystery while keeping Higgins at arm's length from figuring out who Robin Masters really was.  Today?  There has to be six different twists to each single episode, at least one gay character, some dark humor, and some complicated story-line that takes six episodes to explain a two-line mystery.    At least on the positive side here.....Daryl is still Daryl....the guy you'd call at 2AM to ask for some enormous help and know that he'll move heaven and earth.