Friday, 12 December 2014

Rehydration Gimmick in the Senate Report

From the Senate report on torture released.....I came to some piece of reading it....concerning rectal rehydration, and how some guys had this forced upon them as part of the torture process.

Not having a vast amount of knowledge on this rehydration business of the rectum.....I pondered over this and read up on it.

In the early 1900s....there's this device developed for health farms or wellness hotels that develop in both the US and Europe.  The device is called the Murphy Drip.  It's inserted into the rectum, with a solution that had different elements.  The earlier versions all had saline....later adding sodium, and various other possible liquids.

The gimmick here....was to flush out your bowl of the various deadly poisons that might be there.

Scientifically....NO one has ever proved it is helpful....nor harmful.  I'll base that off thirty minutes of poking around the internet.

Oddly enough, in today's weight-loss clinic schemes.....the rectal rehydration episode is making a comeback and usually on the menu of most hotel clinics.  In Germany, you'd pay between 50 and 100 Euro for this. No one states numbers, but I'd take a guess that a minimum of 30,000 Germans probably request this yearly at the various wellness clinics around the country.

A form of torture?  Well....normally the customer requests's not forced onto some customer.  So, it might be an invasion of privacy.  But to say torture?  It's a pretty bogus statement to go that far and say it the way that it comes out.

The odd thing I would say here.....who exactly dreamed up this idea of pumping various Islamic guys full of saline solutions and where did they get introduced to it?  From a wellness clinic?  It just makes you wonder.