Saturday, 27 December 2014

Cops, Thugs, Hypocrites, Mass Movement, and America

Just ten observations about a trending topic of cops, thugs, hypocrites, mass movements, and the US.

1.  Generally speaking....roughly eleven percent of Americans smoke marijuana at least occasionally.  Roughly nine percent of Americans use illegally procured narcotics at least occasionally.  Roughly .4-percent (1.2 million) Americans use meth at least occasionally.  Do the statistical average and you will bump into one doped-up idiot every single day.....maybe six to twelve times a day.  All it takes is one guy or gal getting unhinged and doing something stupid....where you, the neighbor, the grocery clerk, the retired guy, or the cop has to shoot them and put the guy six-feet under....because they were threatening you.  It's a higher chance of bumping into this type character....than a Jehovah's Witness, which says something.

2.  Disrespect rates higher than respect today.  Maybe it's stress on society.  Maybe it's the continual demands put on people and they can't handle it.  Maybe it's just the trend of society to go this way.

3.  Once you red-line a part of your town as a place not to hang out or drive-through after generally never reverts back to a green-line area (safe).  Ask anyone who lives in Memphis.....roughly seventy percent of the city is regarded as unsafe after dark.  Birmingham, Alabama has roughly ninety-percent of the city as unsafe after dark.  The whole eastside of DC, is unsafe after dark.  We just accept it, and don't ask questions.

4.  If you get shot dead by a cop or a thug....does it really matter over the end-result?  Dead is dead.  Does it matter that you are black and shot by a black cop or a black thug?  Does it matter or make any difference that you are white, and shot by a Latino thug?  This gimmick phrase of "black lives matter" about the most bogus statement ever pushed out and accepted by some mass movement.  All lives matter in the end.

5.  Why do we generally dislike cops?  They end up getting used to hand-out traffic tickets as a money-maker for towns.  We've all experienced this negative side.  They also get hired and never drug-tested.  Cops for small towns aren't college-educated (even a single year) and rarely have some academy it's like hiring Larry's cousin Marvin....who used to watch Adam-12 and T J Hooker.  How many cops are on the side and working for drug cartels/gangs?  Probably a couple thousand throughout the entire US.  Fixing this?  It's beyond a solution stage.

6.  What's the general rule about gunplay?  If you wave a gun around and point it at don't respect the gun or general rules on handling a gun.  The odds are against you living a long and uneventful life.

7.  When some media thug comes around and hypes up your misery....your mess....your pit of's usually a brief episode where you get used for some agenda.  Maybe it's a positive agenda.  Maybe it's a negative agenda.  Naturally, you ought to ask questions.....but you get too caught up and just skip the common sense moment.

8.  We all have some minor element of hypocritical thinking in our lives. We talk ethics but occasionally lack them.  We talk positive lives but occasionally take the negative stance.  We talk nutrition but sip a 44-ounce Big Gulp or chow-down on a Wendy's Double-Cheeseburger dripping with grease.  We talk up on the wonderful values of some neighborhood kid, who we know is doped-up five days a week and robs liquor stores occasionally.  We hold political figures to false stances and just grin when they break their word on forty-fourth occasion.  Our moral judgments slide....depending on the mass movement of the day and our hypocritical scale is always fluctuating.  We don't seem capable of realizing this.

9.  If you lived in a marginal lifestyle, in the worst part of town, and knew six teens who were dead before age eighteen by violent means....what would motivate you to stay and continue to live in such an atmosphere?  A logical guy.....after being robbed by thugs or watching houses on their street flip to becoming meth-houses....would pack up and move as far away as possible.  Are we that anchored down?

10.  Cops aren't cops anymore.....once they acquire military assault tanks, put on military-style uniforms, run elite 'gangs' to serve search warrants, and approve military-tactics as part of the daily routine.  Maybe they put on a badge and pretend to be cops.....but these type of characters are something else beyond the concept of a cop.  What we've accepted....isn't normal.  Yet we've crossed the line and allowed this type of behavior to become the 'norm'.

There's something wrong here....but it's wrong all over the place.  Simply wanting to clean up the mess or act no longer possible.  We've all become hypocrites....respectful hypocrites.....but lousy successful tax-paying hypocrites.