Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The "Homeland" Show

There are a dozen-odd current US TV programs which I might have curious nature over and watch.  I admit.....I still have an enjoyment of watching the Simpsons and South-Park.  I still have some interest in watching the Big Bang Theory.  I enjoy Pawn Stars off the History Channel, along with Amish Mafia (I know, it's fake).  Among this entire group, I have a curious nature with Showtime's "Homeland", which I've probably watched a dozen of the episodes with the series.

I noticed in today's news....the Homeland production team is looking at the next season theme, and have decided that unlike the previous themes for each year.....the new season won't involve Muslim terrorism.

Naturally, you'd ask the are these CIA folks who get all hyped up and charging off to protect America, and you need a pretty hefty subject area to charm the audience....but then you Muslim terrorists?

North Korean terrorists?  No, I doubt that you can use that theme because North Korea would get upset and do some bad things (or least say they might do bad things).

Mexican terrorists?  The show would end around the fourth episode because you can't invent that many scenarios or situations with the current situation.

Canadian terrorists?  Maybe you could invent some bad French guys from Montreal, who steal liquor trucks in New Jersey and sneak them across the border to sell untaxed US booze in Canada.  And then what?

Brazilian terrorists?  It'd mostly involve sexual or arousing type scenarios....with hot lusty stuff.  It'd be tough to make this a weekly show.  Course, you could inject some Brazilian transsexual terrorist operation as the theme...just to be different.  Folks might get the wrong idea about the show.

Alabama terrorists?   Inventing them straight out of some US state and hype up the CIA guys on an internal threat....with a Rambo-like Bama guy leading the bad guys? just won't work.

French terrorists?  Guys who sip fancy wine and eat shrimp by the bucket?  Bad guys?  No.

English terrorists?  Well....they'd be soccer thugs or hooligans.....drunk most of the time and charged up on soccer violence.  It won't work.

Russian terrorists?  Hey, it'd be simple to bring in twelve actual real Russian mafia guys....teach them to act....and build the Homeland theme around real living Russian mafia thugs.  But who'd be foolish enough to be that creative? And what if we suddenly liked the Russian guys, then hating the fake CIA guys off Homeland?

Frankly, I think Homeland has come to the end.  They've used up every piece of creativity, and it's downhill from here.

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