Saturday, 17 January 2015

The True But Fake Story

Occasionally, you will find a story in the news....which is mostly a true story, but fake.  This came out this week....and meets the conditions of a fake story.

The Washington Post led the story of a terrible thing happening in America....we've reached the point where a majority of public high school students in America....are from low-income families.  To meet this statistical end-point, they used 2013 fed data, and a report from the Southern Education Foundation.  The study concluded that the majority of kids (more than fifty percent) got eligibility  for the free or reduced-cost lunch program.

So you look at this and ask stupid questions.  How many kids have stopped buying any and all school menu options, since the new nutritional program went into effect?  The Washington Times reported this a year ago.....1.08 million kids just plain stopped using their service by the 2012/2013 point.  Since then?  You don't know but I'd take a guess of another quarter-million quitting.

Fewer kids using the menu items.....same number of kids using the subsidy or free lunch program.  It's simple math....increase in low-cost marginal families?  No....simply less kids eating the meal.  If you did the math'd see virtually no change.

Fake journalism, using somewhat truthful but fraudulent data....trying to make a basis for something that they desire a slant on a story.

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