Friday, 9 January 2015

This Community College Idea

I looked at this brief proposal of President community college.  It's an interesting idea.....but basically just an idea thrown out there, without any substance.

How to make it work?  You'd start to toss out the idea of one-through-twelve grades of high school.  You'd come to some point of admitting that forty percent of all kids have the wit and knowledge....with a few wrap up high school by the end of the tenth grade.  You'd allow these kids to take a test and get a diploma.....then leave at age sixteen.  They'd get two years of free tuition at a local state-run public college....because of the savings that the state would have from them not having to attend the last two years of college.

The remaining kids?  They'd get another chance to test at the end of the eleventh grade....which fifty percent of this group would likely pass and get their diploma.....thus getting one year of community of charge.

The final group would wrap up their schooling at the end of the twelfth grade, and get no free tuition.  Simply their tough luck.

Who would stand against the idea?  School teachers would hate it because it'd put ten percent of them out of business.  From the twenty-odd teachers used for teaching the tenth through eleventh could dismiss three or four.

The school sports mafia would hate it because so many schools would end their high school basketball, baseball and football programs.....lacking enough mature students to have any decent teams.  Colleges would quickly falter and suddenly lack decent players as well.  Then the whole professional sports program would suffer.

Beyond's practically impossible to come up with tuition for six-million kids who would want to attend some local community college.  And on the fairness scale....what do you offer the kids who are too stupid to attend community college?

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