Saturday, 14 February 2015

Difference Between a European Amusement Park and a US Park

This Shoals amusement park idea is a bit hard for most people to grasp.  Most locals in the Shoals are skeptical about this and think it's a scam.

I've spent twenty odd years traveling around Europe and seen just about every single kind of amusement park in existence.

Europe has several versions of amusement parks.  I would put them into three categories.

One. This is the regular Disney-like park with mostly rides and geared toward kids and teens.  They make money....either marginally or substantially.  Few go out of business.  Their limit is that weather isn't cooperative and you rarely get more than six months of use per year out of the park.

Two. This is the water-dome park.  Run all year round.....this is a big park with strictly pools and water-attractions.  It costs a fair amount of money to heat the place, and they aim for families.

Third. This is the all-in-one concept park with bike trails, a few rides, dome-water park, pubs, golf, etc.  These run all year round....offer up cabins or condo situations, and have a reputation as a place where you want to go as an adult to relax or just dump your kids within a safe 'zone' and feel good after seven days.

When you read over the description of what these investment guys want to place in the Shoals area....they want a all-in-one concept.  Golf course, music clubs, restaurants, domed-water park, kid-friendly, family-friendly, and just a place where you stay within the confines of the compound.  Throw in a steam boat going up and down the river.....some fishing.....and plenty of minimum wage employee got the Shoals concept.

I doesn't have an interstate connection.  I admit, there's no major airport.  And I admit that I have doubts that you'd have more than 100,000 people a year in the first two years of operation.  But they aren't aiming for the cheaper thrills group who might spend $100 a day for food and dining.  They are aiming for a family that would spend $2,500 on a week with everything included from the water-park to golf, the hotel, and food.

The size of the hotels built on the property will be the hint to this.  My humble guess is that you will find it limited to 400 rooms, with a area set to the side for another construction phase later....maybe another 400 rooms.

I'm past the point of being skeptical.....I believe it will be built.  Whether it succeeds or not.....I have no idea.  But it's not a scam.

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