Wednesday, 4 March 2015

A New McDonalds?

The Wall Street Journal did a fine report yesterday over McDonalds and where they might be going.  If you follow news.....they replaced the CEO of McDonalds recently....saying business was stalled.

What the journal says is that new ideas need to be pushed and there's two suggestions being reviewed.

First, bio-beef.  I realize most folks don' care, but here in Europe, it's a growing trend.  Probably five to ten percent of folks are bio-dedicated now.  They want 'pure' and safe foods (at least they believe the gimmick).

Where do you suddenly find vast herds of bio-beef?  That's something that I'm not sure about.  Even with Brazil and might be hard to find such beef.

Do you mix regular beef and bio-beef into the same stores?  No, with the idiots that run things within McDonalds.....they'd screw it up.  So you'd have to flip the button on day X and just go all bio.  Cost factor?  Figure ten to twenty percent increase in meat, and another 15-cents added to each burger.

Second?  Take out all preservatives from the special sauces/mustard/ketchup.  I know that the lab that McDonalds has experimented with this idea but it's like the holy grail for McDonalds.  There's a unique taste to the special sauce and if you remove the really changes the taste around.

How many people would return to McDonalds if you went to natural elements?  One percent?  Three percent?

Change is always good.......I tend to believe that concept.  But neither of these ideas appeal that much to me.  I use McDonalds maybe four times a year now.  Yeah, I went to a healthy lifestyle thing and tend to avoid them.  In my twenties, I stopped off there at least twice a week for lunch or dinner.  While at the Pentagon, I stopped every single morning for tea, and twice a week for lunch.

Sometimes, folks get some idea that they need to fix something that isn't broke, and I suspect this might be one of those occasions.

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