Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Five Star TV

Having signed up for Netflix in the past week.....I've had some catching up to do....with "Better Call Saul".  Through the first five episodes, I'm surprised not only of the quality of acting, and the five-star script....but it's shows that I tend to get addicted to and can't skip.

This morning, came the sixth episode.....dealing only slightly with Saul (the lawyer), and more with his get-the-job-done former cop....Mike.

For forty-two minutes, they weaved the story in and out.....with twists and turns....and delivered some of the best acting that I've seen in in years.  They could have easily built the forty-two minutes into a two-hour movie and put into a theater-release situation.

The Mike character?  You kinda feel sorry for him.....but you reach a point where you know that Mike isn't a guy who you'd want live next door to.  He's pretty direct and confrontational when required.  He has a code of ethics that go beyond the norm of life.

Who "Better Call Saul" goes onto now?  It's hard to imagine this type of writing and scripts.  In the middle of any show....it's possible that they'd dream of another 'Saul-like' character, and a year later.....you get an entirely new series with some weird guy that was a client of Saul.

Bottom line?  Right now on TV.....Better Call Saul is probably the best show around.

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