Monday, 2 March 2015

Jack Daniels Wisdom over Tuition Costs

Just to make an odd comparison with a bottle of booze and college tuition in 1970.

Let us assume that a plain bottle of Jack Daniels in 1970 cost around $4.  Today, a bottle of Jacky D's in Bama will cost you $23.95 (maybe less with a sale discount going on).

If you applied regular cost increases of college'd be 1194-percent, since 1970.

So a bottle of Jacky D's today....if you used the same numbers.....$44 minimum.  Roughly half the rate of what college tuition is.

A rational guy would pause over this and do two things.  First, there ought to be some way of bottling up college tuition and selling it like a mutual fund because it's guaranteed to only go up, and if you offered folks some stock $10,000 in value today and it's guaranteed to go up by 1194-percent in forty years.....folks would buy into this in bulk.

The second thing?  You might want to go ahead and buy a pallet of Jack Daniels now because at the going rate in'll be $60 a bottle.

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