Tuesday, 10 March 2015

One of Those Jobs

Occasionally in my life, I've had the unique opportunity to come across five-star jobs.  I'd apply for them, and of course, get turned down.  These are the jobs that way outside the norm and have the potential to be jobs that you'd want to be at the shop by 6AM and stay till 6PM that night.

The Land Management agency of the government had a GS13 job out in Wyoming to be the jack-of-all-trades guy, who handled property, spending money, and the wild horses/burros of the range.  They went into detail over the job description.....you were the guy who bought feed and issued orders over the wild horses/burros......checking on them daily and ensuring the hired hands did 'right' with the animals.  Of course, I got turned down for that job.

So, these jobs come and go......I never get hired for these type of situations.

This week, I'm come across a five-star creative job with the city metro transportation guys of Seattle/King County.  They've got a $97,000 a year job.....for a metro comfort station coordinator.

Naturally, you'd ask what the heck this coordinator does.  Well....he runs this toilet monitoring station centrally located in Seattle and ensures all the drivers get to their bathroom breaks as necessary.  Driving the bus and got a sudden urge to go?  You call up this guy and he looks onto the map and tells you the nearest place to stop and do a toilet moment.

Yep.....a nifty job for $97,000 a year.  Now, a smart guy would do research and have a spreadsheet built with various 'extras'.  Like.....if you stop at this point, they got a coffee machine.  Or if you stop by this donut shop.....they sell a 'three-for-one deal' on donuts between 5AM and 6AM.  Or if you stop at this toilet.....it's ultra clean because they use Ajax and South Korean-imported Munsun oil (that's a made-up word, if you were curious).

Who will end up as the toilet coordinator?  Hard to say.  The thing is.....your career pretty well shot.  There's no chances of you getting into some rocket-science episode or upper-level management deal with NASA if they figure out what you did in Seattle.

Some fake job for a friend of the union?  Well.....it's hard to say.  It would be curious to know who gets the job, and if they had relatives with the city metro service or knew someone within the city council.  Maybe it'll be a hard-working honest gal, who really wants to help out some guys with desperate bowel movements.  Guys appreciate stuff like this.....you know.

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