Monday, 13 April 2015

Hillary Art or Anti-Art (depending on your view)

Within a couple of blocks of the new Hillary Clinton campaign headquarters in New York City....a number of posters have gone up.  Anti-Hillary posters.

There are three versions so far.  What they all harp the strong supporter which is quick to jump up and say the term 'sexist' whenever anyone questions the wisdom of Hillary running for office.....even if the individual was a Democrat and just questions her capability.

So the poster highlights the words or phrases that you aren't supposed to say when talking over the campaign front (secretive, ambitious, entitled).

A artsy Democratic front that isn't so pro-Hillary?  One might think that.  You don't have too many artsy Republicans or Libertarians.  If you tossed a color marker to Cruz or Walker.....they'd probably both draw 3rd-grader winged horses and a bad impressionist drawing of George Washington.

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