Wednesday, 13 May 2015

My Suggestion for George

I've read over a couple of accounts of the newest experiences of George Zimmerman.  Basically, either through an accident or a misunderstanding.....George was wounded (more so by glass than a bullet).  From various statements, you get the feeling that the other guy knew George by visual recognition and had some kind of conflict with him.  Anyway, George didn't pull a gun on the guy, and cops won't be charging him with anything.

I'm one of those people who think George is mostly screwed because of the recognition factor and urban settings that he prefers.

I think George ought to pack up and move to some small town in Alabama.....grow a beard.....get a facial tatto deal (like Mike Tyson).....and simply introduce himself as a Honduran foreign national.....having recently arrived via President Obama's guest amnesty and immigration deal.  Simply introduce himself around town as "Jose" and let folks know that he's pro-Republican, anti-crime, and a "Bible-believer".

After a brief introduction....most folks...especially around Alabama, would be faked out by this personal introduction and refer to their new neighbor as "Jose" the illegal alien.

Now, I's fraud, wrong, and deceitful.  But, trying to be George Zimmerman in some urban area of Florida just won't work.

As time goes by, "Jose" can talk up anti-crime, pro-gun, and conservative politics with the locals.  After a while, the locals will be so positive with their "Jose".....that they will put him up for town council or county commission....while talking over his illegal status and how it's all 'OK' since President Obama ordered it 'OK'.  Eventually, "Jose" might even work his way up to state governor before someone woke up and realized he was actually George Zimmerman, the white Latino.

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