Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The Addition of Dr Ben Carson to the Republican Primary

First, let's go ahead and admit that there is zero possibility of Dr Ben Carson coming to the end of the Republican primary with any state wins.  He might pick up a couple of delegates here and there, and probably will get a thirty minute chance to speak at the Republican Convention.  Is he running to get a cabinet spot, or is it running just to make people ask more questions?

Second, by adding Dr Carson into the primary debates.....there's this turbo-mechanism which will result.  He adds sense and coherence to the commentary.  He will stand and debate to the ninth degree.....things which some voters simply accept as a fake agenda item.  The weak debate candidates?  They will look weak, shaky, and frail.

Third, some black leaders....particularly within the church environment....will quote Dr Carson on occasion, and deem his campaign as one of positive character.

Fourth.....the list of elected positions?  Well....some people will chat about that and it's one of those minor issues in that he's never run for any office, ever, in his life.  How many American Presidents have that type of background?  A handful in fact (Washington, Grant, Eisenhower, Taft, Taylor, and Hoover).  In the case of Taft.....he'd been a four-star administrator for various Republican Presidents, and eventually held the position of Secretary of Defense.....but had never run for office in his life.  Carson would be walking in some pretty good shoes if he did get elected.

Fifth and final.....maybe this is the guy for VP.  Even if he doesn't carry any big numbers.....he has the position of authority on respect, common values, and simple common sense.  Over the past thirty years.....I can't think of any VP that was a four-star character.

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