Sunday, 19 July 2015

Something to Think About: Chattanooga

There was an odd part of the Tennessee Muslim shooter's story (Muhammad Youssef Adbulazeez).  He finished his electrical engineer degree in the spring of 2013.  

What he did after that is kinda interesting.....he applied and was accepted for an internship with TVA (the Tennessee Valley Authority).....the electrical company that runs both hydroelectric and nuclear energy throughout Alabama and Tennessee.

To work with TVA, because it is a government require a security clearance.  No one says much over whether this was a Secret clearance or a Top Secret Clearance.  At some point in the entry process for internship.....there was a drug-test attached to the clearance episode.   Nineteen days into the internship, which would have eventually turned into a real job offer and real money (probably over $100,000 for an electrical engineer who has twenty years with TVA).....the drug test he took came back positive. 

No one says much of this....or what drug was identified.  They called Muhammad into the office and just said that the internship was finished.  He was let go.

The problem at this point is that where ever you go for the remainder of your life....working for some commercial company.....they might get a government contract and suddenly task you for a project which requires a security clearance.  This drug episode would come up.  If you were smoking pot on a regular basis and don't intend to quit....the private company will eventually wake up and realize your value on gov't projects is zero.  

In the early part of 2013.....he must have realized that the internship was the key job that he was going to work at.....asked some questions.....and realized that sixty days out....just quit smoking pot or using whatever drugs he was using.  He didn't realize the impact.

So, it's done.  Well.....there's this odd alternate scenario.

You see.....if the drug test hadn't come back as a positive....he would have gone through the internship in Cleveland, Tennessee.  Muhammad would have gone onto one or two junior positions and eventually worked himself perhaps in a decade to the nuke plant in Brown's Ferry.  There, with his security clearance and job requirements.....he would have been in a great position to disable the nuke plant, cause a massive leak, and endanger literally tens of thousands living in the local area....because of his religious fanatical beliefs.

Sadly, in a way.....we are better off with this nutcase killing the five Marines and Sailors.....than possibly killing tens of thousands of people with some radiation episode in Brown's Ferry years down the road.

I'm still waiting for the news media to figure this out.  

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