Saturday, 8 August 2015

Bacon as a Topic

Last week, I noticed the anti-Coke graphic....which really got down into the negative aspects of Coke in your diet.  It was an interesting graphic, and based on the's kinda true.

This week, the bacon crowd came up with their own graphic.  They tried hard to make it sound anti-bacon, but it's pro-bacon all the way.

To be honest, I have an addiction to bacon.  If you gave me the choice.....I'd buy the least-lean bacon possible....with extra fat.....and cook up six to eight slices.  Forget the crispy stuff.....I want the 'bad' stuff.

Does the bacon 'mafia' know this factor?  Yes.  I suspect they meet quarterly, discuss the sales strategy and work hard to keep guys like me hooked to the greasy product.  You can imagine the guys sitting there.....talking up the grease and bad health aspects....then grinning....and finally getting to the new science of adding more fat than normal to the product.

Getting me to kick the habit?  No.  No way.

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