Saturday, 29 August 2015

Berkeley Smokes Story

I noted this week....out in Berkeley City, California.....there's a proposal going up by a city council guy to ban the sale of tobacco (smokes) to "youths" under the age of 21.

Naturally, this all goes along with some noted increased in underage tobacco use.....part of which relates to e-cigarettes (becoming more popular now).

The proposal will arrive for the whole city council to vote on in September.  No one says much over the remaining members of the city council or if there's some public out-cry over the business.

I'm humored by the term "youths" being attached to anyone from age eighteen to twenty-one.  These are all people allowed to vote, purchase and own weapons, enlist for the military, get student loans of $100,000, obtain credit cards and get heavily into debt, and marry without any interference from Mom or Dad.

Once Congress opened up the door and said people down to the age of eighteen had the right to vote....they've opened up the door for various debates.

Personally, I wouldn't mind if they were stupid enough to draft up something like just go ahead and say a bunch of things are off-limits for this youth group.  If kids are that stupid to smoke and you think it's bad....why aren't they that stupid to vote for silly reasons?  Why would you allow an immature 18-year-old gal to marry an immature 20-year-old guy?  Why grant drivers licenses at sixteen?

What happens when the Berkeley City council passes this?  Simple....a couple of guys start walking around in the area and selling black-market smokes.  You charge ten to twenty cents profit on each pack and the underage punks go ahead and pay the extra costs.  Or they drive fifty feet beyond the city council authority and buy from a non-Berkeley dealer.

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