Friday, 21 August 2015

Book Review: The End of Doom

The End of Doom, by Ronald Bailey.

It's a recent book, just published in the past month or so.  The catchy title?  Well....Bailey sits down and does a complete review of the all the doom enthusiasts of the past forty-odd years.  These are the people who preached doom and gloom over the rivers, the lack of food, the progression of society, etc.

The quotes are there, and the dismal failures of the doom players.  I'd say out of five-hundred doom quotes.....Bailey will safety say that roughly five predictions did come true (although for oddball reasons which had nothing to do with the original concept of the doom predictor).

Toward the last part of the book, Bailey sits down to talk about breeder reactors.  Very few people grasp the complex nature but the simplicity of the breeder operation.  Around 2010, I spent several hours on some weekend reading up on this developmental type nuclear reactor and was amazed at the technology and innovation situation that we'd gained.....then dumped because of doom enthusiasts.  Bailey covers this, and if you wanted a simple 100-line introduction to breeder reactors.....this book is the best around at doing that.

All of this said....Bailey does come to inform you in chapter six that he's somewhat in agreement with climate change.  He will note that some doom enthusiasts have screwed up the science and turned it into a difficult topic for the public.  What he will get to that we have technology, cutting edge ideas, and ways to solve the problem without involving vast changes to the economy....which he indicates the bulk of alarmists and doom enthusiasts are more into chaining capitalism than fixing the issue.

Some's a heavy-science book and you won't be able to read the book over a weekend.  It would be an excellent reference book to have around when discussing cancer causes or health issues which got into the doom chatter.  I wouldn't recommend it for a high school kid, and it might be a difficult book for first or second-year college kids to absorb and digest.

I'd generally say after reading it.....if you were fairly skeptical about things before you read the've probably intensified your skeptical nature by twenty percent after wrapping up the End of Doom.

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