Saturday, 15 August 2015

Sushi/Bar-b-q Place

This past week, I was visiting out in Dresden, Germany.

Outside of the hotel, maybe 200 feet away....was this local restaurant.....a Japanese sushi and bar-b-q place.

I probably looked at the sign a dozen-odd times as I strolled by the place.  Sushi and bar-b-q.  It's an odd mix.  

Sushi is a top dish of Japanese people.....involving steamed vinegar-added rice, a couple of vegetables laid over the top, and usually fish.  You might throw a fruit or two on top for sweetening affect.  I'm not exactly into Sushi, and I'll admit.....being from's hard for me to adapt to international dishes at times.

How many Sushi/bar-b-q places have I ever noted in life?  Well....none.  This is the only one.

I have my doubts that this place will be open long.....maybe six months.....maybe a year.  Maybe if they'd gone to just an Asia-style food place, or just some southern-style bar-b-q might have more of a chance for success.

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