Wednesday, 19 August 2015

The Server Issue

I've watched the Hillary server story bounce around for several weeks now.  This new piece.....where the FBI has the server but it's been 'wiped' has stood out.  Yesterday, the FBI kinda hinted.....they think they can recover data from the 'wiped' server.

For a number of years, I worked around IT folks and the classified environment.  When it came time to bring a server down or get rid of the hard were left with two options.  One was total destruction or magnetic degaussing....which was a hundred-percent deal and no possible recovery.  This costs some funding/money.  The second method was some approved software deal which would wipe the drive.

An IT guy explained it to me one day.....there was the cheap method where some companies would just do a once over software and they were satisfied.  As the guy said.....with that software type and attitude, if you had the right secondary software and were could recover some to all of the data on the drive.  The Air Force was always picky about this and paid for the more costly software.....which did the four-star job.

Oddly, with the people I worked with.....they liked the total destruction method....where it got shipped to some facility in the states and put into a grinder.

I look at the Hillary episode and note that they never once seemed to worry about the server falling into the wrong hands (like the FBI).  The company they hired?  They weren't exactly a four-star big-name company.  I'd have my doubts that they went out and bought the big-name software to wipe dozens of times over.....some hard drive.  They probably put some junior technician in charge of this and he used a regular wipe program that wasn't that efficient in nature.

So, Hillary is sitting there and wondering about this stupid hard drive and the contents.  If the FBI brings back all the data.....then what?  It'll take six months to read all the data and come to some conclusions.  Is there other email accounts?  Are there forty-odd people using this one server?  Are there discussions about bribes and special favors?

If the FBI hadn't been called into one would think much about the episode.  Now?  You ought to have doubts about the nature of the Hillary campaign and if it can survive this.

The Democrats are sitting there with three marginal guys and a dismal view of the convention period for 2016.  If a quarter of the Democratic voters fail to show up for the election in November of does this hurt the bulk of the 'other' guys running for Democratic office (Senator on down to state parks commissioner)?  In Alabama, twenty-five thousand fewer Democrats voting in a national election a big deal.

I probably harp on this too much.....but the party is responsible for ALL of their players, and to have the national office equate to marginal interest for the public has a major impact on state-by-state election issues.  Even bond issues and state law changes.....all would have a different turn-out if there's no four-star person running for President's office.

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