Friday, 25 September 2015

From the Car Show This Week

I went to the Frankfurt International Car Show this week.

There were dozens of interesting things....but two caught my eye more than most.

First, there's a European car company which has developed this unique tire....which has sensors and talks to the onboard computer of the car....noting tire pressure and conditions which might affect driving.

I might be still five years away from real production and it might cost a fair amount of money (probably more than $300 a tire) to have this all work.  But it's an interesting concept.

The other idea is this Audi feature which is going to be on new models.  As you get the door up to the one-inch point of closure.....the car takes over and automatically closes the door for you (no strength or pull on your part.....a motor pulls the door shut and locks it).

I stood there and watched the lady show the guy the feature.....and he pulled near the closure point five or six times.....and it shut on it's own.

Now, the thing I was looking at.....if you brought this home and told Donny Junior (the 5-year old kid) about this feature on your new car.....Donny would want to go out and put his finger between the door and the car and then watch it slam shut closed on the finger.  Maybe it's just me thinking this.....but I could see tens of thousands of stupid kids doing this and Audi having to dump the feature eventually.

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