Wednesday, 30 September 2015

If You Vote For Hillary.....

Ok, for the folks who really don't grasp the big picture.....I'll make it simple.

When you vote for are voting for the the Clinton Foundation in essence.

This are electing the Clinton Foundation to it has been for the past dozen years.....a quasi-gov’t apparatus, that calculatedly manipulates global agreements to profit the profit-absorbing Foundation, whose donors are complicit in all potential schemes and try to coerce everyone into ponying up huge donations to get the desire effect.

If you think the Clinton Foundation fits into your profile and meets your expectations, then you need to vote for Hillary.

Oh, and if you kinda wondered about it.....yeah, Jeb has a foundation too.  A number of folks have foundations.  It's just that Hillary's foundation has been active and at the top for a dozen years.

If this ruined your view of the American dream and politics.....well....sorry.

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