Saturday, 26 September 2015

More Auto Show

 Three more observations from the Frankfurt Auto Show.

First, this mini-truck.  Max speed is 50 kph (roughly 30 mph), basically made for driving around your village or local town.  Oddly enough, because of the speed and limited power.....they even allow a sixteen-year-old kid in Germany to drive it.

A guy with a small business and delivery requirements in town might look over this option.  The price though?  Roughly $15,000.  Yep, for a vehicle that you can't drive on the autobahn, and would take forever to drive twenty miles.  You can barely toss one driver and a border collie into the cab.

 Second, this little vehicle?  It's for retirees and gives them 365-day protection from the elements.

I looked at it's all cheap plastic and has some little heater element.  In rain or fall might be a decent vehicle, but I wouldn't take it out into any field or figure to go further than a mile or two.  Maybe if you needed a beer in the midst of a November could climb into this and drive down the sidewalk to your local pub.

Maybe if an older guy had money to throw around and just wanted something to impress the might be worth it.  To me, it just looked like a riding lawn-mower with a four-star cab.

Third, Opel had this new van design.  Basically, you have the drivers compartment area, then you have the second seat for up to three people to sit, and then you have an entire enclosed area behind the second seat.

Naturally, the Opel guys put in fancy lights and nice carpet.  I tried to stand there and imagine why you'd want the enclosed area.  Maybe if this were for business operations or you needed a mini-office at some construction site, it might work.

For a tail-gate party?  Well, you could load up a ton of stuff into the back (cubic-space-wise).

This was also the model that had the USB stations at each seat and two tab-like computers in the back-seat.

A camper-like deal?'s actually big enough that you could throw a couple of bunks into it but why make it a camper?

It's simply designed as one of those oddball things that a guy would dream about, but have no real excuse for buying.

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