Saturday, 19 September 2015

My Theory of Trump

I have this theory of Donald Trump and why the popularity seems to be so strong, and it revolves around Seinfeld (the TV series).

To be honest, it wasn't until 2010 that I sat down and watched Seinfeld.  Living overseas a good bit....I just missed out on it and caught up twelve years after it ended.  Between 2010 and 2013.....I probably watched every single episode at least twice.

My theory revolves around three observations connected to Seinfeld.

First, in a way....Donald Trump has become like George Constanza....from the 88th episode...."The Opposite).  George has discovered that if you just do the opposite of what people succeed.  So George becomes a man on a mission and unable to fail.  This is the episode where George criticizes George Steinbrenner of the Yankees.....thinking this will fail him for the job interview, and it actually does the opposite.....with the Yankees hiring him.

I think Trump has figured this out......just do the opposite.  People like that, and they love they loved George on Seinfeld.

Second, my brother has always a show about 'nothing'.  It ought to fail.  It could not fail.

Trump's strategies or policy talk?  Non-existent.  He gives a good decent speech but his policies are mostly 'nothing' (just like Seinfeld).  People accept that.  For the news drives them crazy.  But it works.

Third and final, a lot of us fell into a daze about Seinfeld because it's really about New York City.  We looked at the people and characters there on Seinfeld.....and connected to the city....even though we've never been there.

Well, Trump is the same....he's packaged in some way as New York City, and we see him as some character who just came out of nowhere and we appreciate his raw character.

I makes no sense how Trump is surviving among the Republican candidates for President.  It's like George being suggested for the job for the New York Yankees.  But life is weird, and sometimes....this all works.

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