Friday, 11 September 2015

New Owner at the National Geographic

It is a shocker of a sort....National Geographic got bought this a group related to Rupert Murdoch.  Price for the purchase....around $720 million.   It is a partnership deal....Murdoch will have 73-percent ownership.

Up until 2004, I had been a subscriber to National Geographic for a decade.  In fact, I can remember reading it as a kid (an uncle would drop off copies after he finished reading them).  In the fall of 2004, they ran a stupid all-climate-change edition.  Every single article was climate change.  It was the month prior to the election.

I wrote a simple 8-line letter and quit.  I haven't picked it up since (even at airports).

Will this purchase change my mind?  Maybe.  It might take a few months for Murdoch to get the staff to see his view of the world and return the Geographic back to the former glory (before the 1990s).

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