Friday, 25 September 2015

Some More Car Stuff

From the Frankfurt International Car Show.....another curious item....a car espresso maker.  I stood there and watched the guy demonstrate this.  I admit....I like espresso and  it might be a nice feature to have this in your car.....brewing and making your personal espresso mix while driving down the road to work each morning.

But then you'd start to think about this.  Espresso makers only work correctly.....under extreme heat and high pressure.  About the last thing you'd want to have happen in some car or truck at 75 for the espresso machine top to flip off and toss hot coffee around the interior and onto your lap.  For some reason, I might be fearful of having this nifty device.

 Another interesting item was the street sweeper bike.  Yep.  It's a can mounted onto the bike (3 x wheels) with your gear and everything.  It's hard for me to imagine any landscaper guy volunteering or allowing himself to be talked into pedaling this around some town to do clean-up work.  Price?  Unknown....but it has to be a minimum of $2k in my humble opinion.

Finally, I come to odd feature that was on display at several points at the car show.....virtual reality.  This shot was taken as I watched an older guy sit down and the tech-geek lady set him up with some virtual reality goggles.

How this fits into car innovation in the future?  Unknown.  It's pretty well thought out that we will have driver-less cars within a why bother with any virtual reality driving skills?  It'll never happen.  Other than the gaming world, I don't any work skill usage coming out of this.

Course, maybe the idea is to have two pair in the backseat and have the kids entertained in some bogus reality world instead of asking stupid questions or demanding to know when we will arrive at Grandma's house.

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