Saturday, 26 September 2015

The Thing About Statues

After you travel around Europe enough, you come to this realization.  There are statues that can be done in some tasteful but provocative fashion.....that no one says much about.

In Bama, if you tried to put up some statue of a half-naked gal with a lion's body on the bottom half....a bunch of folks would get all upset and frustrated.  They'd be disturbed and have to talk their minister about their hurt feelings or the downward spiral of the world.

This the front of the big palace in Vienna will probably have itself photographed at least a thousand times a day and no one ever says much.  I would's not that great of a statue and it doesn't really say much except for cash flow for the artist who spent a year crafting it.

The thing is....folks get around to talking a lot over least in the US.  It's always supposed to represent some dead Senator, soldier, or President.  You don't get statues made of farmers, trailer-park women, or former University of Alabama quarterbacks.  There's only two statues of Coach 'Bear' Bryant in existence.  If you went looking for female statues in the'd only find a couple.  In Europe, probably a quarter of all statues.....are mostly of imaginary Greek goddesses who did some fantasy deal with some other imaginary Greek guy or just looked 'hot'.

So, when you sit and dream up an idea of a trip to need to prepare yourself for some lusty statues, and ask the local Baptist minister for some hefty praying material while on the trip.  

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