Saturday, 26 September 2015

Vinegar This and That

In a couple of weeks, the wife will have wrapped up one full year at current job.  Frankly, it's one of the few jobs ever in her life.....where there is satisfaction over the operation and the product (vinegar).

This small company markets one of the top vinegar production lines in Europe.  There's probably twenty different vinegar items which are produced and sold.

Over the past year....I've probably had more than triple the amount of vinegar in my system than usual.  Mostly because.....they give the wife free samples on a monthly basis.

So, there's the regular vinegar for cleaning windows and shelves.  There's the fancy stuff for salads.  There's the hot-chilli-related vinegar for spicing up your foods.  There's the vinegar-mustard sauce.  On and on and on.

I'll bet there's probably forty bottles of the stuff around the house and more than a three-year supply on hand.

To be honest, I probably never (ever) was a big fan of vinegar until I got to the more unusual tasting types.   Now?  I can almost gargle with the stuff, or sip it via a shot-glass.

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