Thursday, 1 October 2015

Braking Bad

Over the past week in my region (Wiesbaden), we've had two episodes of "FULL-BRAKING".

For those who haven't had this experience in life, it's when you ride mass transit....have a bus with seventy-odd people on it.....a dozen of which are standing and lightly hanging onto this rope or some piece of steel.....and a car pulls out of nowhere and the bus driver applies 100-percent of brake power.  The results is usually chaos, massive bruising by those sitting, and those standing are thrown into the steel of the bus or onto the floor.

All of this involves the cops coming out.....a minimum of one ambulance (usually three or four end up at the site), and someone toted off with something broken.

I have to admit, over the last year or two and continual use of the German bus come to realize that the drivers try awful hard to barely tap on the brakes and drive like they had a herd of cattle on the back of a truck.

I've been lucky.  So far, I haven't experience full-braking myself and I know that sooner or later.....I'll be on the unfortunate bus myself.

A guy from Bama thinks about things like this.  In my youth, it was common advice for folks to note that when you get up and make a trip down to the county needed to wear fresh underwear.  The reason given was that if you had an accident, you didn't want to be seen in the old stuff (worn for three or four days straight).

I'd really prefer not to have some ambulance tote me off, so I'm kinda selective in where I sit and how I sit.  Of course, in the mornings with the large punk crowd on the end up standing, and having both hands wrapped around real steel support.  This won't help much when three people standing next to you fall and collapse against you, and you end up taking their weight on top of yours.

So, I'm running off of luck, and just hoping I won't be on the wrong bus.

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