Thursday, 22 October 2015

Demon TV

After watching various fake reality TV shows (Cake Boss, Amish Mafia, Jersey Shore, the Kardashians, etc)......I'm more or less prepared for about any fake reality series that you could dream up.  Well....up until today.

I noticed in the entertainment news that a new reality TV series will start up.....mostly on exorcism.  Yeah, that demon stuff out of the Catholic Church.  What they are hinting at is that they will have someone on the team who has some background in exercising demons and will have holy water on themselves in case of serious trouble.

Down in the south, particularly really can't discuss this in any setting without getting Baptists all stirred up and hostile.  Catholic stuff usually freaks out Baptist ministers and they have some 1-800 number to call and get quick advice on how to chastise or slam Catholics.  They really don't want this demon stuff to come up and get into people's heads....because the Baptists don't have any hocus-pocus enchantment or abracadabra spell to conjure up real quick to chase off demons.  The Catholics maintain all of that with their Latin allurement tools of the trade.

Based on the description of this show.....there will be this house with dark sinister feelings all around it.  No, we aren't talking about a 1966 Jim Walter-house built on the edge of Decatur that has a fire-ant problem and the previous owner shot her boyfriend in the foot for calling her a bi*ch.  Nor are we talking a trailer park setting where meth gets used daily and some fifty-year-old gal flashes herself off daily at guys who drives by.  In this case.....we are talking about a demon house.

Americans typically like entertainment like this.....mostly because we live pretty boring lives and the worst thing that can happen is septic tank failure, a tornado alert for our area of the county, or Jehovah's Witness gal comes to the door in a tubetop and you just can't say "no" to her staying four hours and talking JW stuff.

All of this will be talked about in future weeks as ministers have to answer these stupid questions in church, and if demons regularly attach themselves to homes, barns, garages, or houseboats.  Some guys will have some fun and note that they dated a possessed gal back in the 1980s and they tried hard to exercise that demon gal but just never got anywhere much.  Some folks will worry about this casual dealing business with demons, and that you just can't be too careful....demons might be lurking at the Piggy Wiggly and grab onto you.....bringing themselves into your house.  Then you'd have to call up some Catholic priest to get rid of this problem.....mostly because the Baptist guys ain't got no magic stuff and never learned any Latin while at the big school.

It is odd....the Catholic talk and all.....the special magic.....can only be used with Latin phrases.  I guess the Demons only speak Latin, and it just all makes sense.  Looking around the state of Alabama today.....with the exception of Catholic Priests....I don't think there's more than sixty people in the state who can utter Latin.  It might be worth asking how they ever got into a dead language, but they'd probably just tell you it was to impress some gal who was a five-star temptation-laced gal who knew French and looked like Marilyn Monroe.  

Maybe we need a TV show like this, but it just makes me wonder....where exactly is the end point of reality TV?  Will we eventually get to the point of putting a camera in a Jiffy Lube show and just show mechanics talking about lawnmowers, chunky women, and septic tanks?

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