Monday, 5 October 2015

Dress and Attire

You can dress casual at regular clothing.  Or you can dress Bavarian (not German).....and be a bit different.

The ladies outfit as you something out of the 1800s, and amply showing as much chest as a guy really needs to see.

Most gals from Bavaria will dress in the outfit, which might run around 200 Euro.

For the guys?  Leiderhosen will run you for the whole leather pants and shirt deal, and the right socks....probably around 300 to 350 Euro.

You can go real cheap, with fake leather or goat-leather....for maybe 65 Euro.

Is it really necessary to be this way?  It would be debatable.

Maybe if you wanted to impress some guy with the open blouse, impress the girlfriend with some silly suit...well, fine.

The problem I spend like 350 Euro for some fancy leather pants, you drink a good bit, and you end on the throw-up hill.....tossing up a bunch of stuff on the nice new leather pants.

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