Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Gitmo Ends?

There's a piece today, short and blunt....from RollCall....that kinda says the President is so tied up into closing Gitmo (our prison for the Islamic characters in Cuba)....that he is threatening to veto the National Defense Authorization Act if Congress doesn't fix the wording to prevent him from closing it.

No Authorization funds to run the military.

Republicans are playing along now because they don't want to shut down the government.

A true fix?  No.

You've got at least thirty Republicans who simply don't agree with the President's desire to close Gitmo.....and you probably have forty-odd governors who really don't want the Gitmo crowd moved into their state.

The best bet right simply another continuing resolution....saying that there's this fake budget with numbers written on it and you can spend this money.

Will Gitmo close?  Maybe....but I'd take a bet that whoever gets the remaining prisoners in the US (whichever state).....will turn into a political mess for that governor and create another massive political issue in four years.

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