Saturday, 10 October 2015

How Congress (and the Senate) Should Work

I admit....I'm not a rocket scientist, minister, journalist, zoo keeper, car mechanic, leprosy expert, doctor, cowboy or ergonomic-chair engineer.  But I'm willing to go out on the limb and prescribe the ten things that ought to happen IF you wanted to fix Congress (and the Senate).

1.  The Speaker ought to be a non-representative....not elected by any state.  It's a full-time job and you can pretend all you want....but representing your state and performing the Speaker a sixty-plus hour a job and needs to be a guy with no debt to the Republican National Committee or any special agenda group.

2.  The Senate needs to be set free.  They need to have nothing to do with the budget or taxation standards of the nation.  The Senate should be around to confirm judges, approve treaties, agree on Presidential cabinet members, and attend funerals for dead VIPs.  I think the Senate should meet for twelve weeks starting in January, another four weeks in August, and maybe a week in October. Senators should not be allowed to travel overseas or beyond the US border except for funerals or vacations with their spouse.

3.  The House ought to require a simple majority for any budget or taxation issue....fifty-percent plus one.

4.  Senate and House members should be limited to six appearances a year on any TV network, period.

5.  Any House or Senate member who misses more than ten-percent of the roll-call votes each year....should have ten-percent of his salary deducted for the next year.

6.  If elected and sent to the need to walk in on day one and take a forty-question test on your home state.  Simple the capital, the governor, the state bird, etc.  If you don't get 75-percent or better on the get sent home for a week and get a retest next week.  If you don't pass on the fifth time.....Congress notifies the state that you are some dimwit and they need to replace you.

7.  Each state legislature ought to have the authority to meet and recall their guy for a period of thirty days....if they disagree with his behavior or voting pattern.

8.  Any Representative who is accused of fraudulent behavior or corruption would be subject to a 45-day suspension and a full-time judge would be sitting and ready to go with a full-time prosecutor to determine if you are a person with no respect for the law.

9.  All House members would be limited to five staff members.  All Senators would be limited to three staff members.

10.  Jeans and leisure wear would be authorized to wear on Fridays....but no t-shirts or tube-tops.

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