Thursday, 22 October 2015

My Theory on Hillary Clinton

I have this humble opinion on Hillary Clinton, which generally explains things.  I think.....every single one of the scandals were developed and planned ahead of time.....and regarded as a way for Democrats to feel honored with someone so sneaky.  It's the only way to explain the hundred-odd scandals and how nothing hinders the progress of Hillary, the Clinton Foundation, or the agenda (whatever it is).

The various scandals?  Well over a hundred but my favorites are:

- Bill and his Army of women (probably over a hundred women at this point)
- Clinton's use of IRS and FBI as sort of a Gestapo-info gathering organization
- Whitewater (real estate game)
- Cattle futures
- Some weird connection to the Muslim Brotherhood which is crazy but just makes you grin as it often comes up
- Mysterious death of Vince Foster
- Email server for Secretary of State....sitting in a bathroom closet?
- Travel office firings
- Chinagate episode
- Sniper fire upon arrival at Balkins airport
- Missing billing records from that Little Rock law firm during her tenure
- Fair number of dead people from Hillary or Bill's background
- Lesbian suggestions about every six months for Hillary

Somewhere in the background, I think there is this three-member team who simply dreams up another scandal (probably fake in some way) and dump it onto some news group or the National Enquirer.  People get all excited.....her name appears five hundred times in one single day over a stupid potential scandal and life moves up a notch.

At some point, I expect an affair between Hillary and Matt Lauer of the Today Show to be announced....perhaps an accidental pistol shooting of Hillary cleaning a gun and hitting Bill in the leg while he was bathing in some hotel bathtub.....or maybe Hillary announcing that she's now best friends with this Odem guy in Vegas who doped out on herbal Viagra and providing hour-by-hour care for the guy while he refreshens himself.

Yeah, we need someone like this....where scandal keeps us hyped up.  Face it.....boring people....are boring.  Behind all of this....we are quietly pulling for Hillary to push the envelop and shock us one more time.

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