Monday, 5 October 2015

Octoberfest "Hill"

At the end of the Octoberfest 'playground'.....there's the hill.  This is typically where guys somehow get themselves there and just lay there until the state of drunkenness has passed.  Or, if your friends think you too drunk to handle.....this is where they will drop you off.

You will note that it's got a slant, and this is supposed to help those who might have eaten a good bit, and need to throw up as well.

Needless to 1PM, there's probably over 3,000 people gathered around the hill....mostly from the age group of 18 to 25 years old.  It's mostly 10 guys for each gal on the hill.

The medics will make a pass every hour and kinda check for severe cases.....guys who have deep cuts and bleeding bad or guys with broken body parts.

So, if you got there around 9AM, and did hard-drinking for two'd go to the hill for phase one.  Then return to the fest for more beer by 2PM, and then come back to the hill by 6PM, and rest until 9PM to go home.

You could stand at the top of the hill and admire the tough nature of these guys and gals.  They've put away tons of beer prior to 1PM and could go back for more beer later. I stood there and admired one guy who'd thrown up a good bit of food that he consumed in the morning and he was laying on most of that.  It's hard to say what he'll do when he finally comes around, or how he cleans himself up.

If you ever go to the fest, I'd suggest that you start at the hill around noon and admire the folks there.....before you make your way into the fest itself.  Maybe it'll help motivate you to sip less beer.  Maybe.

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