Wednesday, 7 October 2015

On the Subject of Sirens

One of the hundred-odd things that an American would notice after a couple of months in that Germans have retained the old air-raid-like sirens, and they use them on a semi frequent basis (calling up the volunteer fire department or running tests).

I'd take a guess that in my village of four-thousand people.....throughout an entire year.....the siren goes off at least twenty times.  Once or twice a year.....there's a test of the system at noon (always advertised a month ahead of time).  The rest are all recalling guys for the fire department.

Two Hessen cities, because of a large flow of refugees.....have opted to halt the air raid sirens for the time being.

The logic?  The bureaucrats say that the Syrians have been through a lot and it's just not right to run the air-raid'd just get them all frustrated and disturbed.

Oddly, ever since the night that they brought refugees into my village and they ran the air-raid siren to get the volunteer fire department to come out and organize things (at 3AM).....the local air-raid siren in my village has been quiet.  No emergencies.  I'm kinda of the opinion that they may have switched it off intentionally because of some reaction that morning with the refugees arriving.

It is something left over from WW II.  Germans who lived through the 1941-1945 era.....all remember the siren, and remember the drill that was involved.....going to a local cellar and hoping that the bombs didn't hit their house.

You would think that as the war ended.....the last thing on Earth that any of these people wanted to hear....would be the air-raid siren.  Oddly.....they kept that feature around.

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