Saturday, 24 October 2015

That Lincoln Guy

This week, Democrat Lincoln Chafee said adios to the idea of running for President.  In the background, I think he ran out of funds and just made a wise decision to avoid debt.

The curious thing about Chafee's that he was actually was a Republican from 1985 to 2006.  He did one term as the Senator from Rhode Island.....before some Republicans asked if he really was a Republican.  The Democrat running for the Senate position 2006 found enough frustrated Republicans and happy Democrats and beat Chafee.  After that....he got hyped up on the Senator Obama campaign, and became a Democrat.

Yeah, it's one of those soap opera-like stories that you'd just shake your head over.

Generally, when the guy stands up and gives some hyped up tend to think of some guy having smoked some extra strong herbal stuff, and isn't all there.  He's the guy who came up with the idea of a 'holiday tree' instead of a Christmas non-Christians wouldn't feel left out.   Naturally, that disturbed about ninety-percent of society.

Oddly, I did come to view Chafee with some interest.....but mostly because he's all pumped up and thrilled about the metric system.  He'd really like to get into the President's office and just do an executive order.....putting it into reality.  I think that's the only way that metric will ever come to America.....because there's too many English-lobbyists standing there to ensure feet and pounds survive.

He's sixty-two years old and I suspect he's going to run one more time for Senator before he hangs it up or hopes that Donald Trump might hire him for a US ambassador job for some Pacific island.  At least he proves the point that just about anyone can run for President, and it helps to have the name Lincoln in your name.....but it'd be better if it were the second name instead of the first.

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