Sunday, 11 October 2015

The Santorini Story

If you ever go to Greece....especially any of the islands....there's always these stupid donkey-tours.  To get from point X to point Y.....there's this trail that goes along some scenic hillside and Greeks want it to be unique and cost rather than run some bus or some wagon across the trail.....they have this donkey operation to transport you a mile or two.  They've been doing this for generations and everyone pays for the stupid donkey-ride.  Well....everyone except me.

On the various trips that I've been to Greece.....when this donkey-ride tour comes up.....I just grin and say no.  There's a difference between horses and donkeys.  A horse relates to the human and generally has some acceptance.  A donkey has an awful lot of independence and just wants to be left alone.

Well.....we had this local gal here in Germany....from my region....who went off on a four-star cruise and trip to Santorini (the isle).  It's a brief stop for the cruise.  You park the ship and everyone gets around eight to ten hours to walk around the Greek isle, buy t-shirts or fake Chinese-made statues, eat some local cuisine, and ride the donkeys down some path to a scenic area.

This her mid-sixties and with her husband....was a political figure of some sorts in the Taunus region (a skip or two past my hillside).  The local news sources won't divulge her name.

The best that they can say is that the couple came up on some donkey-tour.....done the tour and the lady was dismounting the donkey when another donkey went into some wild act.  I'm guessing the second donkey scared the first donkey and he launched into some defensive measure....tossing the lady and she ended up headfirst on the ground with a concussion.  There is some suggestion by the way they wrote the article that she got kicked in the head while on the ground.

It's a sad way to go and simply a reminder that you need to appreciate the thousand ways that you might accidentally die each day.  Death by donkey probably wasn't on her list.

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