Saturday, 10 October 2015

The KiKai?

This week's auto show in Tokyo will feature a Toyota demonstration vehicle....the Kikai.

It's a three-person car with hot-rod-like features.

Potential to become a sales item?  No one says much.  No price.  No discussion.  Just something to make people ask questions.

The thing is....if you keep looking at the Kikai and think a kit-car situation.....people might have a passion for it.  Imagine you order this crate from Japan for $12,000 in parts.  It arrives and gets pushed into your garage.  You spend two years assembling it, and then you throw the tag on it and start to drive it.

I think Toyota ought to think in a different make a hobby car with features that you could select and just have thrown into the crate.   Toss in a laptop tab with all the directions and videos to help you assemble it.  Don't even offer tires with it....just the rims and have the guy go and select his own preference for tires.

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