Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The Little Gamble in Life

Generally, if you wait a week after a mass shooting and the sudden eruption of gun control come to this one curious news item that will get rarely reported.

This morning....from Oregon and the Umpqua Community College kinda came out that Chris Mercer was into some drugs (legal stuff that you'd take for controlling violent outbursts).

You generally take lithium....if you are bipolar and unable to control some of your urges or mood swings.  What doctors will say in general discussions is that they don't fully understand lithium or it's affect on the mind.  Yeah, it was one of those freak discoveries that had strong evidence of helping uncontrollable people.

Now, I should note....once you get onto lithium and you think that fixes problem one....well, it kinda starts problem number two: hand tremors will start start getting thirsty more start having more have enough nausea that you want to vomit.....then you start noticing poor memory.....then you start to pile on weight (probably from eating more)....then you start to notice thinning hair and occasional acne, and there's this occasional problem with you just wanting to sleep more and more.

This is the kind of stuff that you'd notice after six months and you'd start to ask questions about the new problems and how you fix these.  Frankly, most people who grasp they've got bad concentration and poor memory....get pushed out of jobs and can't feel too positive about any future job more depression piles on top of present depression.  Social anxiety?  Tons of it, but what exactly will that do to fix the problem?

Mercer admits in one Facebook commentary that he was taking five different drugs.  The effect of each drug against the other?  You can bet that no drug company would dare test their stuff to see what happens if you take X, and then pile Y and Z on top of it.

From the piece that InfoWars did.....Mercer's mom admits months ago that both she and her son had Asperger's Syndrome and that Mercer had to be put into a mental facility for a while because he just refused to stay on the Lithium.

You just kinda stand there and shake your head.  All this gun control talk, but this is simply another example of a confused kid who simply couldn't get to any point of control and probably needed to be in some permanent facility with no stress, no outside influence, and mildly sedated.  Go and suggest that in the public and you'd see a quarter of the nation freak out completely and say that's simply not right or granting the personal lifestyle or civil rights of the affected person.

Point-counter-point of the whole issue.

Who has more rights in the end?  It's kinda of a poor way of playing life-poker and just hoping today....I've got my marbles lined up right, driving a safe car, working in a business that will not fold up or go bankrupt, paying my taxes, hoping that I don't get robbed tonight on the way home by some drugged-up teenage hoodie-kid, and then face some Lithium-player who is either safely on meds or unsafely off his meds who might want to kill me because of my shirt color, my status with some church, or my affiliation with banjo players.

Yeah, it's a lousy situation and you just gamble on each day unfolding in a safe way and you end up back and sound.

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