Saturday, 7 November 2015

Carson and the Pyramids

I noticed this week that Doctor Carson got into trouble for discussing his thinking over the purpose the Egyptian Pyramids.

One must note that within the US news media team, there are ten thousand things that you need to have some platform or standing upon.  Some include:

- Do you believe Elvis is really dead?
- Do you believe that Disneyland is an evil corporation?
- Do you believe in witches?
- Do you believe in trailer-park tramps being able to recover from their status in life?
- Do you believe that aliens do visit Earth?
- Do you believe in genies, like the Muslim guys do?
- Do you believe that automatic transmissions are better than stick-shift?
- Do you agree with the NCAA bowl process?
- Do you believe that pancakes are better than waffles?
- Do you believe a person should have the right to burn leaves in their front yard?
- Do you believe President Obama is a Muslim?

Do you vote for a President with such beliefs?  The news media would prefer you turn your processes across many difference questions.

As for Doctor Carson's belief in the Pyramids being used for grain?  You can't prove it....but you can't disprove it.  Go talk to any Egyptian expert and they will simply say that they think (without much concrete evidence) that it's a grave or monument.  But they aren't 100-percent sure.

Me?  I think they built the Pyramids as a tourist trap and knew 4,000 years ago that it'd pay off eventually in a big way.  People go out there today and funnel several thousand dollars into the Egyptian economy.....just to spend two weeks walking around and looking at old stuff. It's effective and works.

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