Thursday, 12 November 2015

If You Could Offer Them "Pie", Would They Eat It?

After looking over the University of Missouri episode....with the feces Nazi swastika.....and the vast reaction by a bunch of 'kids''s time to pause and ponder.

Since this hyped group of kids are all proactive and very 'socialized'.....I asked myself....what if a political party came up and offered the following as a platform?

- Undertaking a government requirement to establish all citizens the right to adequate employment opportunities and an adequate living standard.

- The needs of the overall community should outweigh the needs of the individual.

- The commercial runnings of the nation should be regulated in such a way, that profits of the rich or corporate nature.....should be shared and distributed to the citizens....not by the wealthy or elite.

- The welfare of the senior citizens should be attended to by the government, who will ensure a provision exists for their "protection".

- The nation will ensure regulations exist to control state and federal property to the degree required, which will be determined by the highest authority of the government. If necessary, confiscation of excess property or wealth will be exercised, for the greater good of the community.

- Interest rates and mortgage situations will be regulated by the government to ensure the lowest possible financial requirement upon the citizens.

- A national farming bill/law will be pushed to help improve and comfort the rural farming environment and ensure national food requirements are met, with good cheap prices for everyone in the market.

- Rent control and regulation will be exercised as necessary, to prevent profits.

- Regulation will be created to prevent speculation of land and property.

- The federal government will work to ensure the culture of all ethnic groups of society is respected and honored.

- The science of citizenship will be developed and exercised as appropriately viewed by the community, state and federal government. This science will be developed into common teaching requirements and utilized for lesson plans as necessary.

- Children with skill and capability, no matter what class of their parents, shall be educated at the cost of the government, no matter where they live or what the eventual higher education will cost. In essence, free college for all.

- It will be the absolute priority of the nation to help raise the standards of national health by providing adequate hospitals, clinics, doctors, nurses, and care.

- It will be the national cause to help stop and hinder unnecessary juvenile labor.

- It will be a national priority to help increase physical fitness and dietary requirements of the public, to help make society at large better and healthier. Regulation will be utilized as much as necessary. - The overall goal of the nation.....will be the common good....before the individual good. The nation will stand against materialistic spirits which create unfair wealth and class divisions.

Sounds pretty good for hyped-up students at the University of Missouri?

Then you might ask....where did these reform ideas come from?  The summer of 1932.....they were introduced by the Nationalist Socialist Party of Germany....the Nazis.  It was the platform for the November election. much as they fear the symbol and the threat of Nazis....their attention is drawn to the features of the group.

Odd?  Yeah......but I doubt if anyone will notice that.

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