Saturday, 7 November 2015

Marine Hillary?

At some point in 1975, Hillary Clinton (well, this was before Bill and the marriage) got this stupid idea.  She would go down at the age of twenty-five and try to sign up with the Marines.  Bill on a couple of occasions tells the story as well....but says it was the Army.

None of this would matter but this story over Doctor Carson came out, and some folks decided it was time to bring up the Hillary story once again.

On the truth scale?  No one is sure.  Some folks think that it might have happened and she was intending to look at the JAG service of the Marines, to be a military lawyer for a couple of years.  Some folks think she was merely testing the military to see if they would even talk to her as a woman.

My humble opinion?'s what I think.  Hillary and Bill during this time period of the early 70's were smoking a fair amount of marijuana.  I think on some weekend cycle of heavy smoking....she came out of the haze with some crazy idea of joining the Marines.  She probably did a hit or two early on a Monday morning and still in this dazed condition....walked into the Marine recruiter station.

The Marine officer talked over options to a dazed Ms Rodhem.  Maybe toward the end of the speech and interview....the Marine hinted that some drug test would be required, and that the Marines were definitely anti-drug....anti-marijuana....and if she ever tested positive, she'd be kicked out of the Marines with a bad record.

A dazed Ms Rodhem went back home....had a wine or two....came to her senses, and realized that if you went into the couldn't smoke marijuana on a regular basis.  Plus, it probably bothered her that you had to wear a push-ups....agree to shoot people that were the enemy of the nation....and eat chow hall food when deployed.

Reality....not politics....brought Ms Rodhem to realize she wasn't made for the Marines.  Course, maybe it was all just some fake memory from a heavy weekend of huffing marijuana and just imagined completely, with Bill's interpretation being Army and Hillary's interpretation being Marines.  Maybe they were just laying in some Arkansas cornfield and doing some pretty heavy stuff. Luckily, it wasn't some hallucination of being picked up by aliens and probed.

It's just another reason why you have to stay clean and pure.....sticking with buttermilk, spring water and only pure tobacco in your system.

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