Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Teen Vogue

I sat this morning....reading through terrorist updates and some guy posted something...attributing it to 'Teen Vogue'.

I sat there in a daze.....thinking what the heck is this.  It is a two-page piece written about the backlash against Syrian refugees since the Paris attack and how it's so (SO) unfair.  It does mention the evil Republican senator Rand Paul (everyone knows that Rand is evil anyway)....because he's trying to front a bill to halt the flow of the poor Syrian guys coming into the US.

"Irrational" gets mentioned and a couple of various words/comments that would be used for this brief article.

The thing that gets me.....Vogue (the big magazine) usually fronts itself on glamour, fashion, trends, health, and women's issues.  Teen Vogue is mostly read by 13-to-16 year old girls and is mostly written with younger women in mind.

Political topics?  Up until this point, I would have laughed when someone suggested that Teen Vogue might be used politically.  Sadly, I've been proven wrong.

Oddly, Teen Vogue didn't open the article up to comments.....probably because a number of outsiders would have gone negative and said something bad about the slant of the article.

This gets me to this odd trend now existing....where teens are getting topics and prospectives that were non-existent twenty years ago.  You almost have to stand there over a thirteen-year-old kid and discuss incompetence, political BS, international affairs, and corrupt news media practices.  You have to explain to the kid that there people sitting there and manipulating with your mind, and you have to get wise, see the deceptions, and be strong against stupidity.

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