Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The Market Price of a Degree

In recent days with the Missouri University in the news....the topic of a degree and it's rate of appraisal comes to mind, and makes one want to ponder.

If you went to the University of Missouri.....you'd pay roughly $21,000 a year for tuition and board.  Fees and beer-money would add up to another $6,000 a year.....so one single year costs dad or junior roughly $27,000.  Figure four years, and it's $108,000 that will be spent on this piece of paper in the end.

So, then you question yourself....what exactly did you buy for $108,000?

My dad would have sat and done the numbers to tell you this added up to twenty-odd tons of screws and bolts.  My brother would tell you it'd be enough cattle feed to handle five years with X number of cattle.  My wife would tell you it's the equivalent of 3,375 cartons of cigarettes prior to her quitting smoking or today as a non-smoker she'd tell you that it'd get eighteen four-star vacations with a full booze-bar and world-class accommodations.  I'd probably tell you that it's enough to buy off several Alabama representatives and ensure the passage of some stupid casino bill which is guaranteed to fail in court after passage.

The thing is....this certificate has some value related to the real world.

But there's this odd thing.  You could have an engineers degree from one single college for the $108,000 and you might be highly recruited and sought.  Across town, there's another university with the same engineers degree, and oddly these people holding this certificate are not called upon or recruited.

Why?  Well, you start to find that their instructor and professors at the lesser college are not regarded as winners or competent.  You spend four years in these classes....getting a marginal degree with negligible value.

The $108,000?  After a while, you come to realize that you might end up as a car rental shop manager for the rest of your life.....because there's no value to the four years of stupid classes you attended.

So I look over at the University of Missouri.  There's accusations of racism....there's accusations of politics....there's the potential of student strikes or football player work stoppage, and it would start to turn in my mind that the value of their degree isn't the same as it was a year ago.  If I showed up at some potential employer and they just looked at my degree and it didn't measure up to a similar degree from the University of Oregon.....well, what exactly did I spend the $108,000 upon?

Somewhere out there.....there's probably a thousand parents this week.....looking over their Randy or Darcy.....and this university deal with the University of Missouri.  The parents are questioning this sum of money and trying to talk sense into that kid about moving to the University of Kansas or maybe Auburn University.  The kid can't understand any of this, and questions dad's motives.  Dad tries to act wise, but frankly.....he just wants to make this simple.....there's this funny smell with this university, and you don't want to spend $108,000 on a Ford Pinto degree.

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