Thursday, 12 November 2015

The Thing About Jobs

There are probably a hundred-odd jobs that I just wouldn't care to work or participate in.

I realized years ago....I had no cooking talents, and it would have been terrible to inflect myself and my cooking abilities upon starving people.

I never cared much for art.  I can tell you the difference crappy art and fine art, but if you asked me to define such-and-such style....that's just not me.

I probably shouldn't ever be hired at a customer service desk because I'm a bit cynical and might tell some customer the truth.....something they probably couldn't bear to hear.

I probably shouldn't be a bartender because as guys or gals sat there in a drunken state and wanted some optimistic guy to discuss their problems.....I'd be jerking them around and telling them to get a life and stop drinking so much.

So, I come to the job of campus or college security guy.  They actually refer to this now as campus police although it's questionable if they fit into the same 'club'.

I look over at the way that this Mizzou university deal (University of Missouri) Nazi swastika episode unfolded.  I actually sat down and read the police report.

The campus cop gets a call at 2:12 AM.  It's the janitorial service guy from some building.  The cop writes up a short commentary.  It lists a third guy as the 'victim'.  I sat there for several minutes....trying to envision this Nazi swastika written in feces on some campus bathroom wall in the dorm, and how there's a victim involved.

Victims have to exist, but how would you fit into this situation?

The cop doesn't say how the guy got the status of victim.....maybe it's required in a report.....maybe you have to have a victim in every crime report, otherwise, how could it be a crime?

The cop notes that he showed up....entered the co-ed bathroom...up on the third floor, and did see a small Nazi swastika on the wall.  Now, it's curious....apparently he never took a picture.  It would have helped people assimilate the information.  Maybe we are only talking about a four-inch by four-inch feces produced Nazi swastika.  Or maybe this was a big one.....being forty-four inches by forty-four inches.

Typically, a swastika must be drawn in a movement style going clock-wise.  If it's not clock-wise, it's not really a Nazi swastika.  The cop never says much and you have to wonder about this one single detail.

So, then the cop finishes up his episode and returns to the station on write this one single report.  No one says much about what happened the next day.  Did the report get read by the campus chancellor?  Did they rush to form a committee to assign blame?  Did they fail to rush to form a committee to assign blame?  Was the feces from a male or female?  All of these questions are left for you to ponder.

Behind all of have to wonder....if you'd been the clean-up guy there and thinking about implications....wouldn't it have been better to just dump some cleaner over the mess and just wipe it clean without calling the cops?

Being a campus cop would be near the bottom of the list for jobs in my case, and the dorm clean-up guy job would be near the bottom as well.  But the activist job here?  Taking a one-star minor episode of a feces-produced Nazi swastika on some stupid dorm wall and getting 20,000 students all disturbed, and producing NOT a single Jewish student within the protest group?  Oh, that's a job that I'd like.

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