Wednesday, 18 November 2015

The Thing About Privilege

For a number of months, I've been coming across this new term that widely used on the internet...."white privilege".

I sat down today and spent a couple of hours reading over the term, the definition, and the 'fad' that exists over it.

In simple's when a western culture (never an eastern culture)....has privileges which have been generated and it is believed that these privileges are not as widely enjoyed or gained by the non-white members of the same western culture.

These all revolve around cultural values that do exist or in some cases....simply exist in the mind (the ability to buy, the ability to move, the ability to speak freely, the ability to play, the ability to work, etc).

The problem is...."X privilege" has been around for a hundred thousand years.  When Urg walked over the hill and found some nicer territory there, but there was this lesser tribe who seemed volatile.....Urg just used his 'privilege' and some of his guys to establish ownership.  They did this in Africa....Asia.....Europe....the Americas....etc.

"X privilege" existed in Europe when Rome set up its empire and boasted of it's strength. Rome used X privilege to drag the bulk of Rome toward commerce, trade, communication and innovation.

"X privilege" was used in the North Sea region for several hundred years and established successful cultures, vast trade routes, apprenticeship, study, and refinement of society.

"X privilege" has been used over and over.  The real question here to ask....what speed brake do you intend to use and who is in charge of limiting the behavior or speed of "X privilege"?

Will we be shuffling brilliant and stupid professors around.....hoping that the new formula will reverse X and Y privilege?

Will we be taxing successful companies run by X privilege members and rewarding Y privilege members, and who is the guy in charge to determine this?

Finally.....I'll offer this simplistic advice.  If you are in the heart of some concrete 'jungle' where nothing is working.....pack up a bag and leave.  If you are in the midst of a school with loser teachers who've lost their respect and their will to teach.....pack up a bag and leave.  If you've signed up with some stupid college and contemplating debt of $80,000 on your butt with a worthless degree....pack up a bag and leave.  Don't let someone run your decision-making ought to be able to ask stupid questions and get simple answers.

Life isn't about a path that came with a 12-color map, a $99-compass, and a travel-guide who seems to be lacking in common sense and luster but seems to know how to avoid bad stumbles.  Do something.....but don't just stand there waiting.

If you are waiting for 'White  Privilege to be replaced....don't worry, it always gets replaced by another brand or style or variety of privilege.  The thing may not like that one either.

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